Ignore to Kill

Amit Shankar
2 min readNov 18, 2021

Why this social media uproar over some bad poetry recitation by a comedian? That too in the US? Of course, he has a right to express. So what if it seems that he is a product of one of the gang rapes he so fondly mentions.

What erks us is his lack of facts, the context to social evils that too in front of an audience who know that as far as rape is concerned, the US is miles ahead of India.

If some comedian wants to run down his own country in front of foreigners, what can we do? In any case, running down our country, abusing our religion, cursing our God, government, and every institution, siding up with enemy countries is the flavor of the season since 2014.

And why not, undoubtedly it is the surest, cheapest way to get famous, garner sticky eyeballs, and set Twitter handle ablaze. What do all these comedians do? Follow the same time-tested formula bashing everything that we love and care for.

Would you have known a C-grade Bollywood actress without her acidic anti-Modi rant? Would a flop B-grade director have been more famous than the worthy ones without his hideous commentary on our value system and the government? Would you have known this journalist sans her dime a dozen Modi-hating tweets?

Don’t fall into their trap. You are being used to populate their page and tweets. Every hate tweet makes them more popular, gets them more traction and funds. Your hate makes them a star. Ignore them and they would suffocate to death.

Just remember, these men and women are the real threat to our nation. Boycott them and the best way to do is by ignoring them, not taking their names.

As far as the poetry recitation at the Kennedy Center is concerned, it is as forgettable as the poetry by ‘Koi Deewana Kehta Hai’ poet.



Amit Shankar

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